Kiran More to try his hand in acting!

Cricketers carry massive fan following and are often seen flirting with the file of acting. Former Indian cricketer Kiran More on this occasion will be seen playing a small role on TV show Tamanna. He also revealed that his family convinced him to take up the role.

Tamanna is a show on Star Plus which features the barriers and hurdles a woman cricketer faces in India. The leading role in the series is being played by Anuja Sathe as Dharaa Solanki. It’s an aspiring show which focuses on her dreams and blockades which she faces. It’s a trending series as cricket is highly followed in a country like India and the series is mostly about cricket.

As reported by IANS, More said, “The story and concept of the show is very unique and unusual, a kind of fresh breath of air on television industry. It was my family who apprised me about a show on a woman’s dream of becoming a cricketer and after that I just glued onto the show and kept myself updated about the progress in Dharaa’s (character essayed by Anuja) life.”

More also spoke about few other reasons behind accepting the role that the makers of this show are also his good friends Ajinkya and Abhinay Deo.

On this he said: “Ajinkya is a dear friend. And when he asked me for the role, I obviously couldn’t say no.”

More also spoke about his role and said, “I come at a point when Dharaa is gearing up for an important cricket match. I see her playing and come to know about her potential, further motivating her more to chase her dreams despite all troubles in her life.”

All eyes will be etched on the show as the cricketer is all set to be featured on the Television set.