Michael Clarke ‘forces’ Australian news presenter to run nude!

Earlier, it was the two goof-ups between ‘sex’ and ‘success’, and now making a news presenter run naked, it seems Michael Clarke is making all the news for sleazy reasons. The truth is that the Australian captain isn’t to be blamed for all this, but surely for the lack of runs. His off-time with the bat has caused the host of Australia’s ‘Today Show‘ Karl Stefanovic his modesty.

Nine networks’ Stefanovic tweeted on Thursday that if Clarke didn’t score a century in the first innings of the fourth Ashes Test, he would “gear off” on the show the next day.

All Clarke managed was 10 out of the total 60 that Australia scored in the first innings at Trent Bridge. And by Stefanovic’s own admission, this is a year for him “fulfilling promises”. He did honour his promise of course after checking with the communications minister Malcolm Turnbull and performed the ‘nudie run’.

A big thanks to giant cricket ball placed at the right place by the show’s graphic team!