Mohammed Hafeez suspended from bowling in international cricket for 12 months

Mohammad Hafeez has been one of the most prolific Pakistani all-rounders in contemporary cricket. Hafeez has been banned from bowling in international cricket for a period 12 months. Hafeez’ was once again reported for suspect action during the first Test against Sri Lanka at Galle recently in June. After a reassessment of his bowling action at Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai on July 6, Hafeez was restricted from bowling in international cricket for one year. Hafeez was reported for suspect action earlier in November 2014 but after remodeling his action, he was allowed to bowl again in April 2015.

According to an ICC Media release, “Following the match, Hafeez was reported by the match officials pursuant to the ICC Regulations for the Review of Bowlers Reported with Suspected Illegal Bowling Actions (the “Regulations”) and subsequently underwent the independent assessment in Chennai in accordance with the regulations. The assessment revealed that Hafeez’s elbow extension exceeded 15 degrees while bowling and, thus, he employed an illegal bowling action.”

This is the second time Hafeez has been reported for suspect action within a period of two years which led to the ban that has been incurred on him. He can although appeal to the ICC for a revaluation but it will only be viable after a period of 12 months.