MS Dhoni fined for traffic act violation

Mahendra Singh Dhoni found himself on the wrong side of the law on Tuesday when he when he was riding a motorbike in his hometown Ranchi which was not in conformity with the rules.

Dhoni was docked a fine of Rs 500 when his Bullet BSA Gold Star DBD 34 (MHP-6518), which he rode on the city streets on Monday, violated Motor Vehicle Act guidelines pertaining to display and use of number plate. Dhoni was fined under section122/179 of MVI act in the evening. Dhoni’s family paid the fine and said he violated the rules due to ignorance, according to a report in Times of India.

Motors Vehicles Act requires vehicle registration number to be displayed horizontally without obstruction on its rear and front. Dhoni’s bike did not have its registration number displayed horizontally in the front. The number was written in a vertical plate attached onto the mudguard of the front wheel.