Najvot Singh Sidhu all praises for Radhe Maa

It’s clear in the video that cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu is all praise for the controversial, self-proclaimed godwoman Radhe Maa.

An over-enthusiastic Sidhu says, “Yun to har jaga rab ki baat hoti hai, Radhe maa ke darbar me, rab se mulakat hoti hai,” which means people speak of the almighty’s presence everywhere, but at Radhe Maa’s darbar you actually meet God.

Meanwhile, Sidhu’s better half immediately tried to do a cover up. In an interview for a national Hindi channel she claims that Radhe Maa forced Sidhu to come to her place for at least 10 minutes to exactly understand what happens. According to her, Sidhu obliged and in his own manner tried to put things across. She also asked people not to take things so seriously and that Sidhu is not taking sides.

Sidhu is not the first renowned personality to back Radhe Maa, ad-guru Prahlad Kakkar and Rahul Mahajan have also been seen siding up with the controversial self-proclaimed godwoman.