Now Greg Chappell, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly to pen their stories?

Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography, ‘Playing It My Way’, which released earlier this month, created raving controversies and the master blaster had no reservations in launching an attack on the former Indian coach Greg Chappell.

‘Mumbai Mirror’ on Tuesday reported that publishers are now wooing Chappell to pen his side of the story. Chappell, who has rubbed many Indian stars the wrong way, is seriously considering on putting down his version of the story, on what transpired between him and the Indian stars.

The tabloid also reported that Rahul Dravid has been working with a senior sports writer to put together his biography. However, the ‘awesome three’ and also the mention of Chappell’s tenure as the Indian coach, is incomplete without the mention of Sourav Ganguly. It is also believed that Ganguly, who has had a fair share of controversies throughout his career, too, with help from a veteran journalist, is penning his story.

Seems like the readers are in for great times ahead, with the battle between Ganguly and Chappell, having taken a new route. This time missiles of words through book.