Qandeel Baloch expresses her love for Indian star Virat Kohli

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch who recently made the headlines for opting to strip dance if her team wins against India in the ongoing World T20 has once again shot to limelight but this time she eyes Virat Kohli. Qandeel who was apparently heart-broken after India defeated arch-rivals Pakistan in the most enthralling encounter at Kolkata has found some solace in the Indian batting sensation Kohli.

Kohli stood out and fired a much-needed half-century in the captivating, clash which seems to have attracted Qandeel big-time. As the fuss between Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is not clear, Qandeel took the opportunity and tweeted saying, “Virat baby anoshka Sharma hi Kiyn?#qandeelbaloch #viratkholi feeling in love”

Kohli is among the most followed cricketers across the globe and why not? After all, the elegant right-handed batsman have scripted his name in numerous records and steered India to newer heights. As of now, Qandeel has created a stir with her feelings for Kohli and will be interesting too see how Kohli responds to this. Qandeel also tweeted on how Kohli saved her from stripping as the former promised to do so of Pakistan win the game against India but the elegant right-handed batsman certainly ruined the plans. She tweeted: