Reggae rights reserved: Chris Gayle in the house
Image courtesy: Chris Gayle (Twitter)

Destinations swapped! The weekend is near and the party has just begun! And this time with a ‘reggae-flavour’ at that! Self proclaimed ‘World Boss’ Chris Gayle and his Jamaican partners-in-crime Andre Russell and Jermaine Blackwood have just refused to turn the decibels down. With a cocktail in hand, these big boys from the Caribbean are surely inspiring the GenX, to take the ‘party-scene’ beyond known barriers.

Thanks to Gayle, amidst all the problems around, he has kept the social media a happy place. Keep them coming, World Boss. Our only advice to Gayle, Russell and Blackwood- please stay safe and do not let the ‘cock-tail’ spill.

Later Gayle posted another image of himself and wrote, “Earlier…. We run these streets! #DreamOrDie”

Earlier…. We run these streets! #DreamOrDie

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