Richie Benaud undergoing treatment for skin cancer
Richie Benaud © Getty Images

Legendary Australian commentator Richie Benaud has revealed that he is undergoing a radiation therapy for skin cancer. Benaud added that he is receiving the treatment for the cancers on his forehead and top of the head.

“I’m coping with it very well – the doctors are pleased. I’m going along slowly. The cancers need to be treated,” Benaud was quoted as saying by the official website of Cricket Australia during the launch of Channel Nine’s Summer of Cricket at Sydney Cricket Ground.

Benaud regrets not wearing a cap during his playing days and wished he should have been made aware of issues regarding skin cancer in his younger days.

“When I was a kid we never ever wore a cap … because Keith Miller never wore a cap. If I knew when I was at school and playing in my early cricket days the problems that would have come if I didn’t do something about protection of the head and using sunscreens and things like that, I’d have played it differently.

“It’s one of those things in life; you live and learn as you go along. And nowadays I recommend to everyone that they should have protection on their skins [and] on their heads,” he said.

Apart from the radiation treatment, Benaud is also recovering from two fractured vertebrae suffered during a car accident near his house at Coogee last October. The 84-year old however promised that he will be back in the commentary box for the fourth Test between Australia and India. The two teams will play a four-Test series starting next month.