Sachin Tendulkar dreams big about his second innings
Sachin Tendulkar is expressed his commitment to end malnutrition in children and clean water for the underprivileged. The proceeds from the sale of his autobiography Playing It My Way will go for these causes © AFP


By CricLife Staff

If Sachin Tendulkar has a zillion fans and worshippers, he has also attracted many of who passionately criticize him, to the point of calling him self-centred. Now that Tendulkar has his playing career behind him, critics are wondering what the incredibly rich man will do for the society.

The answer comes from the maestro himself: “The first innings was all about excitement, being competitive and chasing my dreams on the field. The second innings is about giving back to people as much as I can, and in return to expect satisfaction. I have been with an NGO called Apnalaya for 20 years but it was difficult to be there when I was playing. Now I have promised them more direct involvement. I am also donating parts of the proceeds from this book to ending malnutrition in children and clean water for the underprivileged. The expectations from me continue. And I realise that in this innings I do not have a bat in my hand. On my 40th birthday , I developed an initiative with a team to light up villages. We are pursuing this idea very passionately through the Spreading Happiness India Foundation. I know it sounds silly and I can’t do it on my own. The whole nation has to participate. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is also something I’m passionate about.”