Saeed Ajmal makes a damning statement

Saeed Ajmal just did not stop saying what he said above. He added, “Also this shouldn’t just be about spinners, I’m surprised that some pace bowlers have not been reported for their bowling action being illegal. In particular there is one famous fast bowler who has a very suspect bouncer and I’m shocked that he has not been reported yet by the umpires.” Who this bowler Ajmal’s finger is pointing may be unknown, but it is going to give plenty of room for speculations.

When PakPassion asked Ajmal, based on the differing test results over the years, if he had faith in the technology that is being used to assess your bowling action, the off-spinner replied: “I’m just confused by the results and only an expert can answer how accurate the technology is. What is baffling me though are the differing results from every test that I have on my bowling action. How can the results be so different! We have to have faith in the technology but I just hope that the technology being used by the ICC to test bowling actions is 100% accurate, as careers are at stake and any slight error could be catastrophic for a cricketer.

“Also the markers placed on the body when the tests are being conducted move around and vibrate when various muscles are being used whilst bowling. How much of an impact on the results are being made by the markers moving around should also be looked into in my opinion, as I’m certain they are having a bearing on the final results.”