Spilled: Rahul Dravid’s secret of why he chose ‘cricket over hockey’ out

Legendary batsman and former Indian captain Rahul Dravid spilled the beans on why he chose cricket over hockey, even though the latter enticed and excited him more. But the realization soon descended on him when his coach relegated him from playing centre-half to being a right-half position.

Speaking to PTI at the announcement of the second edition of Bengaluru Cup organized by Hockey Karnataka, Dravid said, “I used to play hockey with (former India international) Sandeep Somesh in school days. Our coach Shiv Prakash fielded me as the centre-half saying we are relying on you for a stuff like that. But when I graduated to another level, Sandeep also was there. The coach then relegated me to right-half and I quickly realized I am not cut-out for hockey. Luckily I had cricket to root for.”

He further added, ‘Watching Sandeep and Anil Adrin play hockey made me realize that playing another sport was a better option for me, but it was exciting to play hockey alongside Anil and Sandeep. Thank you very much Anil and Sandeep.’

The millions of die-hard Rahul Dravid fans must be thanking their lucky stars that ‘jammy’, as he was fondly known, took up cricket and not hockey.