Stephen Fleming on captaincy ahead of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Designed by Jyoti Desale

Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming gives his advice on captaincy and states that attacking captaincy will be key for captains to excel in the upcoming World Cup.

In a column on International Cricket Council’s (ICC) website, Fleming said, “It is all very well to try and tell yourself captaining your country in an ICC Cricket World Cup is the same as captaining at any other time but it is not. The eyes of the world are on you for starters and you realise that as soon as you step into a media conference before a ball is bowled. There are more journalists, asking more questions, than at any other time. Turn on the television, listen to the radio, surf the Internet or pick up a newspaper and you cannot avoid it. Everyone seems to be talking about cricket and most of them are telling you what to do.”

Fleming who captained New Zealand in 1999, 2003 and 2007 World Cup, feels it is a chance of a glory for current captain Brendon McCullum. The former captain felt the current regulations will help McCullum to play the attacking game and will work in his favour.

Fleming also talked about MS Dhoni’s decision during the 2011 World Cup to promote himself up the order in the final and thinks that, these sort of decisions helps the team grow and instil belief in the team and captain. He said, “Just look at the way MS Dhoni pushed himself up the batting order in the 2011 final as a prime example of that idea. My relationship with Dhoni at Chennai gave me the chance to talk with him about that decision and he said it was an instinct, that is was his time to lead from the front. Positivity and decisiveness like that can galvanise a team, whereas hesitancy can flow through each player and create paralysis. And in ICC Cricket World Cups, where the matches come thick and fast and momentum and winning confidence can be crucial, that is a key point to remember.”

He also mentioned that good communication is key and that a captain should let his players know about all the team plans.