Steve Waugh, Kim Hughes criticise Shane Warne over Darren Lehmann criticism

Leg-spinner Shane Warne has come under extreme criticism from Australian greats for his comments on Darren Lehmann.

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Leg-spinner Shane Warne has come under extreme criticism from Australian greats for his comments on Darren Lehmann. Warne claimed that Lehmann overstepped his line as a coach by taking charge of Australian cricket when it should be the job of the captain.

Former Australian cricketer Steve Waugh told The Sydney Morning Herald that Warne’s comments were “unsettling” for Australia’s World Cup campaign.

“I’m not privy to what’s happening on the inside but it is unsettling and you don’t need it,” said Waugh.

“What I would say is let’s celebrate the fact we’ve got three fantastic captains in one side – Michael Clarke, George Bailey and Steve Smith – and we’re winning cricket games so why are we trying to destabilise that?

“I think we’re in a privileged position where we’ve got so many great options. I just think it’s strange we’re talking negatively about this when we’re in such a great position.”

He continued by saying, “I guess Warney’s Warney. He doesn’t sit on the fence, he’s got strong opinions and people listen to that and all of a sudden it becomes a major story what Shane says.

“Within the side they’d probably want it to go away, it’s a distraction you don’t need, particularly when the team’s playing well.

“Michael Clarke can speak for himself, I don’t think he needs other people to speak on his behalf,” referring to Warne being best friends with Michael Clarke, the Australia captain.

While Kim Hughes said Warne needed to mind his own business. “You’d swear to God that Shane Warne is being paid by South Africa or India and the other sides,” Hughes said on the ABC.

“You imagine what happens if we get done in New Zealand.

“The media are going to jump on and say: “Do you think Shane Warne’s comments were a distraction, do you think there’s a rift between Michael Clarke and the selectors, one of which happens to be the coach.

“I’ve been there and done it. And that’s a nightmare. And I think the best thing Shane Warne can do is keep his mouth closed.

“He’s a friend of both, he doesn’t need to be saying those things.

“He’s only made it more difficult for Darren Lehmann and Michael Clarke to get the job done, I’m sure they will,” he said.

Hughes in reply to said Warne’s claims that Rod Marsh- led selectors panel , were trying to stall Michael Clarke attempt  to make a comeback after injury were “blatantly wrong”.

“There is no one more passionate about Australian cricket than Rod Marsh. I’ve played with him, spoken with him, same with Mark Waugh, they want Australia to do well,” said Hughes.

“For Shane Warne to even intimate that there’s anything different is clearly wrong and he needs to pull his head in,” he concluded.

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