Super Over to decide World Cup 2015 final, if it’s a tie

The International Cricket Council (ICC) held its first meeting of 2015 at their Headquarters in Dubai, taking some very important decisions. One major decision being the use of a Super Over in the event of a tie in the World Cup 2015 final.

As reported by IBN Live, a official media release said, “The ICC Board reinstated the use of a Super Over in the event of a tie in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 final. This now replicates the arrangements for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 final and other recent ICC events where a winner will be determined on the day of the final (weather permitting), and a Super Over was the most credible way to separate the two sides.”

Other major decision taken was allowing all the captains of the 14 teams to head into the tournament without any prior over-rate offences or suspensions. However, they will carry forward to the side’s next bilateral series.

The release also said, “The ICC Board also approved a change to the application of ICC Code of Conduct offences relating to slow over-rates in ICC events so that captains do not carry any prior minor over-rate offence ‘strikes’ or over-rate suspensions from other series into an ICC event.”

“This approval means all captains will enter the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 with no over-rate ‘strikes’ against their names, and they will only be suspended from playing in an ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match if over-rate offences are committed during the event.”