Virat Kohli opens up on being a ‘youth icon’

Walk down any lane in India and ask the youngsters playing cricket on who their role model is, ‘Virat Kohli‘ would be the answer given by most. It does not surprise anyone. Kohli’s extraordinary batting and fitness displays have won him fans all over. Not only on performance meter, but the Indian Test skipper also scores when it comes to style and aggression, which makes him one of the most loved celebrities and a huge hit with the younger lot. ALSO READ: Here is Virat Kohli’s fitness mantra

Being an icon is not an easy job. People often tend to forget the ‘human’ part and go overboard with criticism if you err slightly. Kohli has had his share of controversies especially when his relationship with actress Anushka Sharma caught the limelight for wrong reasons. READ MORE: Watch Virat Kohli rapping to AR Rahman’s tunes

A report from IANS recently quoted Kohli talking about his responsibilities of being a youth icon.

“Being a role model for the young people is no doubt a great feeling. When people come up and say that they look up to you and they draw inspiration from you, it means a lot personally. But it also carries a huge responsibility as everything I do and say affects a lot of people,” said Kohli in mail to the news agency.