Viv Richards lauds Virat Kohli

Viv Richards is the batsman Sachin Tendulkar, and almost every cricket fan of his generation, grew up admiring. Barry Richards, a batting legend himself, said “Viv was the most destructive batsman I saw”. When a batsman of that caliber praises a batsman, the head of that batsman is bound to spin. But when Richards says that a batsman reminds him of himself, it’s cricketing nirvana for the beneficiary of that surreal praise. In 2013, when Kohli was on the rampage on international grounds across the world, King Viv said: “I love watching Virat Kohli bat. He looks to me like an individual of my own heart. I love his aggression, and has serious passion that I used to have. He reminds me of myself. He is an individual who doesn’t back off from confrontation; someone who can stand his ground under pressure. I love that as you can’t teach these instinctive aspects.”