Wasim Akram questions guts of the gunman

Wasim Akram, one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, escaped a shooting on him near the National Stadium in Karachi’s Karsaz area on Wednesday in what was a case of extreme road rage. The incident took place when he was on his way to the stadium to tutor young cricketers on the art of seam and swing. There were four occupants on Honda Civic car from which he got attacked.

Akram was quoted by PTI, “It was just an accident when I was coming to the stadium. There is lot of rush at this time and I was in the middle lane and a car hit my car from behind. I signalled the driver to come to the side, but he tried to make a fool and tried to race off which irritated me a lot.”

An altercation followed with his driver and Akram said that the owner came out and pointed a gun at him. “I got a bit frustrated and chased that car and blocked it. While I was standing and arguing with the driver, a person stepped out from the back seat of the car with a gun and pointed it at me. But since the traffic had stopped and people recognised me as Wasim Akram, the man than lowered his gun and fired at my car, which was very scary.”

Akram added, “I have shared all details with the police and I am confident they will apprehend the culprit. Because road rage can happen anywhere in the world be it England, Australia, USA, but taking out a gun is not the way to settle such things. And if this person who fired is so brave than he should come forward and face things.”

People in Pakistan and around the world, including former cricketer Imran Khan, expressed their relief that Akram is safe.