You wouldn’t believe where Brendan Taylor spent the night!

What are the chances of you getting out of your house to set off for work and find an unexpected and uninvited celebrity sleeping in your car? Probably zilch. But when Michael Whitaker exited from his den in West Bridgford to go to work, he discovered a national cricket captain fast asleep in his unlocked Chevrolet Matiz. Sounds bizarre? Well, we are not kidding.


Brendan Taylor had helped his county Nottinghamshire beat Durham in the quarter-final of the Royal London One-Day Cup at Trent Bridge. But after celebrating the win with his team-mates he was unable to retrace his way back to his place and thus took shelter in the hatchbatch.


Brendan was woken up at 10 minutes to nine after Whittaker called the police. It was only then that it dawned on Whitaker that the man in his car was none other than the former Zimbabwe captain.

Mr Whitaker told the Nottingham Post that he called the police and waited nearby. He said: “Neither myself, the police or Brendan knew what to do. I don’t think he knew where he was but he was very apologetic and it quickly became clear that it was very innocent. Realising who it was made it even funnier because how often do you find an international cricket star asleep in your car?”