Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo troll team-mate Darren ‘bald’ Sammy

West Indies’ Twenty20 International (T20I) captain Darren Sammy, who recently celebrated his 32nd birthday in Australia, surprised his fans by shaving his head. Sammy had posted a picture with his fan on the occasion of his birthday in his new avatar and had immediately garnered Chris Gayle’s wrath for his act. Gayle had commented on the picture saying he was upset with Sammy for shaving his head. Also Read: Birthday boy Darren Sammy poses with a fan; gets trolled by Chris Gayle for shaving his head

The flamboyant Jamaican also wrote that he’d get into a war with the person who did that too Sammy. Now, taking it further, Gayle has posted a picture on his official Instagram account, making fun of Sammy. This time, he has been joined by his partner-in-crime Dwayne Bravo, who too shared the same picture from his Instagram account.

The following picture was shared by the duo with the comments reading:

Gayle — chrisgayle333Wtf @darrensammy88 doing here! Who da hell cut his hair? I’m so Sammy prep. Yo a bravo dweet lol. Sammy game tight.. Anywhere I see Sammy barber is war. Lol. Anyway we going to party. Christmas Eve is fun!

Bravo — djbravo47Now bounce up Darren Sammy in Sydney Hahahahah

It will be interesting to see how Sammy reacts to the digs taken at him by his team-mates. All three are in Australia to play in the Big Bash League (BBL). Gayle and Bravo are representing Melbourne Renegades while Sammy is playing for Hobart Hurricanes.