Chris Gayle opens up on his ‘big bat’, women, sex, cooking and changing nappies

No one can smash massive sixes like him but at the same time, he is ensuring the title of ‘Controversy King’. After sparking a scandal for his comments during his interview with Mel McLaughlin during BBL earlier this year, Chris Gayle in another interview spoke openly about sex, women and equality. In fact, he went to ask the interviewer Charlotte Edwardes from The Times if she had a threesome.

Gayle, who is currently playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the IPL, said that he is very proud of his “a very, very big bat, the biggest in the wooooorld”, adding, “You think you could lift it? You’d need two hands.”

Edwardes wrote: “He asks how many black men I’ve ‘had’, goading me when I deflect the question, and whether I’ve ever had a ‘t’eesome’ — ‘I bet you have. Tell me’.” On the subject of women, Gayle said women should have and did have equality. ”They have more than equality. Women can do what they want. Jamaican women are very vocal. They will let you know what time is it, for sure,” he said. ALSO READ: Chris Gayle, Darren Sammy, Dwayne Bravo troll Kieron Pollard over his West Indies ODI selection

He added: “Women should please their man,” explaining: “When he comes home, food is on the table. Serious,” although if she also works, “they share” and it is down to the “first person home”. Gayle has a baby daughter with Natasha Berridge, his girlfriend of 10 years. He said he would change a nappy, but on cooking, “no”, and cleaning: “That is not going to happen.”

The report from AFP, which Edwardes, mentions of Gayle admitting that Jamaican are more relaxed about sex and it is not big deal. Shockingly, he revealed, “I haven’t had a shag since I been here.”

Calling himself “damn good-looking”, Gayle went on to say, “Ten thousand women will throw themselves at me. The fact is that I am damn good-looking.” When Edwardes asked if he threw himself at women, he sighed: “Your questions, you suck me dry.”

He termed the McLaughlin incident as “joke”. Gayle insisted: “It was a joke. She knew that. That’s who I am, the joker.”

He also clarified that it is a wrong perception that he is not serious about his game or else he would not have got those triple hundreds.

Call him the ‘Six Machine’ or ‘Sex Machine’ but you cannot ignore Chris Gayle.