All 22 players with the surname Patel!

It was an ordinary Sunday League match at Bradford between Yorkshire LPS and Amarmilan. Yorkshire LPS batted first and scored 106 before skittling out their opposition for 75. Nothing extraordinary there, barring the fact that all 22 players shared the same surname: Patel. It is somewhat ironic that an Indian surname would dominate a match played in England.

Don Butterfield, Secretary of the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League, mentioned that is a unique case. Wisden called the incident “extraordinary”. It was not easy for the umpires, given the fact that a lot of these cricketers were related (and, as per the Amarmilan Secretary and seamer Chandu Patel, from Gujarat) and had a certain level of resemblance.

Yorkshire LPS Secretary Ishy Patel added that Magun Patel had turned up for them in the match while Magun’s brother Surindra had played for Amarmilan in the other.” They had often fielded 10 Patels against Amarmilan’s 11 Patels, but it was different this time: since the regular Yorkshire LPS wicket-keeper (surprise, surprise, a non-Patel!) was away for professional reasons, a Patel had to be drafted in to take up the big gloves.

It must have been a confusing day for the scorers, of whom one, the 15-year old Amit, had the surname no prizes for guessing Patel. He was fortunately on first name terms with the cricketers, which helped his cause. “I was shocked. Some players even had the same first four initials so everyone’s names had to be written in full,” Amit said in an interview with BBC.