Clean bowled, and how!
Anshuman Gaekwad as Indian team coach in 1999

Surinder Amarnath had to return home from the 1977-78 tour of Australia and in his place Anshuman Gaekwad was sent as a replacement.

It was still early days on the international circuit for Gaekwad, who had thus far only toured the West Indies with the Indian team. Having arrived in Australia, captain Bishan Singh Bedi took him to the Australian dressing room at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to introduce him to the Aussies.

Gaekwad recalls an Australian official asking him: “Have you come here to die?”

Gakewad was taken aback by the sudden turn of the polite conversation between him and the Aussie, but still replied: “No.”

Bedi understood that Gaekwad did not quite grasp what the Australian was asking. The Indian captain told him that the Aussie is asking if he came here ‘today’.

Obviously, Gaekwad could not understand the Australian accent and misunderstood what him completely!