Gordon Rorke was ‘in-the-face of the batsman’ – quite literally!

Gordon Rorke was a six feet, five-inch tall Australian fast bowler who was infamous for his ‘drag’ on the follow-through. Making optimum use of the existing laws then, Rorke dragged his backfoot so much that he delivered the ball with his front foot several feel over the bowling crease.

Garry Sobers gave a witty reply about Rorke’s drag in an TV interview with Bishan Singh Bedi. Sobers said: “I asked Colin Cowdrey what he thought of Gorden Rorke. And Colin replied, ‘If I had played forward, Gordon’s frontfoot would have landed on my frontfoot!’ “

Rorke’s controversial ‘drag’ led to the administrators of the game reviewing the no-ball law.