Got married, scored a hundred, and made it in time for the reception – all on the same day!
Sudhakar Adhkari: As he looks now at age 75.

Bombay, or Mumbai as it is now called, used to be a powerhouse in Indian cricket. The stories that are told about the greatness of Bombay cricket are truly awe-inspiring.

Player wore the Bombay colours with much pride as getting into the eleven was a hard task where players were good enough to play for the country could not break into the Bombay XI and thus lost out. Under the circumstances, there are stirring stories of players going great lengths not to miss a match.

One such player is Sudhakar Adhikari, a batsman who served Bombay cricket between 1959-1971 and scored 3779 runs and 11 hundreds 65 matches that’s a lot of matches considering the many Indian stalwarts who played for Bombay.

On one occasion in the early sixties, Adhikari got married in the morning, rushed to the ground to play a match, score a hundred against a strong Maharashtra that had the likes of Vasant Ranjane, Sadanand Mohol and Chandu Borde and then got back to the wedding venue for the reception! When asked by CricLife why he played the match, Adhikari replied: “It was very difficult to keep one’s place in the side. I have known a batsman who scored a brilliant 70 and get dropped for the next game. We had abundant talent then.”