Manish Majithia pays left-handed compliments to the Railway batsmen!

In the good old days, Bapu Nadkarni was one of the most parsimonious bowlers in cricket who conceded just 1.67 runs per over over in his Test career.

There was something Nadkarnish about Manish Majithia’s the left-arm orthodox spin bowling for Madhya Pradesh against Railways in a Ranji Trophy match at Maharani Usharaje Trust Cricket Ground in Indore in 1999-00 when his analysis read 20-20-0-1.

It’s First-Class cricket record for the most runs bowled in an innings without a run conceded. According to statistician Bharat Seervi, “Railways scored 86 for five in 109 overs in the fourth inning for a draw. Out of 86, they scored 83 runs from 104 overs on the last day which is a first class cricket record for the fewest number of runs in a full day’s play.”