Mark Waugh sledges Adam Parore; the Kiwi hits back with an abusive, personal remark
Caricature: Sudhir Shetty

If there is one team other than the England that the Aussies hate, it is their neigbours New Zealand. Though New Zealand cricket has rarely risen to the heights attained by Australia, there is an omnipresent needle whenever the two teams meet.

In one game in the 1990s, Adam Parore flashed at a ball but came nowhere near getting bat to the ball. Fielding in the slips, Mark Waugh sledged the New Zealand batsman: “Oh, I remember you from a couple of years ago in Australia. You were shit then and you are fucking useless now.”

Parore turned around and slammed Waugh: “Yeah, that’s me. And when I was there you were going out with that old, ugly slut. Now I hear you have marred her, you dumb c**t.”