The curious case of KFC, T20 cricket, Aaron Bird and Bird Flu

During the Australian Twenty20 (T20) Championship in 2006, a new tradition emerged where players were asked to put their nicknames on their jerseys ahead of their real names. No one would have thought that this process can create a controversy for a cricketer from New South Wales.

That cricketer is Aaron Bird with his nickname as ‘Flu’. Just because of his nickname he was asked not to don his jersey as the name would have upset the sponsor of the tournament KFC which is renowned for its delicious chicken. Undoubtedly, it was one of most bizarre controversy for a cricketer just because his nickname refers to ‘bird flu’ and would have affected the sponsor.

Later, he was involved in another controversy for his bowling action in December 2006 but was later cleared. In January 2009, his bowling action was once again reported.After undergoing a bowling analysis at the Australian Institute of Sport biomechanics laboratory in Canberra, some of his deliveries were found exceeding 15-degree limit and was subsequently banned by Cricket Australia.