Unbelievable! Overjoyed former Test cricketer runs on the ground to congratulate Steve Waugh!
Courtesy: Sudhir Shetty

Cricket is replete with fans jumping over the fence and running into the middle to congratulate their heroes; some even running into the middle stark naked. One such fan was whacked by Greg Chappell with the bat!

It’s a sin to cross the boundary line and disturb the cricketers in the middle who are focused on doing their job. But what are the chances of a former international cricketer guilty of such transgression? Well, almost nil. But the unthinkable happened in the 1994-95 West Indies-Australia Test series when Greg Ritchie, the former Australian batsman, went nuts on seeing Steve Waugh get to his double hundred. Ritchie, a Channel Nine employee in 1994-95, run into the field to congratulate Waugh. But the Australian batsman told him disgustingly, “What are you doing out here, Fat Cat? On your way.”

Ritchie was nicknamed Fat Cat as he was fat. But he had bloated after his playing days.

Ritchie played 30 Tests between 1982-87, scoring three hundreds. He also played 44 ODIs. For a man who has represented his country as many as 74 times, his invasion was inexplicable.