When a teenaged Sachin Tendulkar gave Steve Waugh’s ‘lip service’ a fitting reply

Sachin Tendulkar was usually a quiet man on the field of play who let his bat do all the talking. However, as a teenager on the tour to Australia, the constant chatter did unnerve him at times. During the Sydney Test, Tendulkar famously told Ravi Shastri that he would have a go at the Aussies when he gets to his ton. The youngster had only just walked in to bat then!

However, out story goes back to a tour game when Steve Waugh and Tendulkar had a bit of an exchange. Waugh was dropped from the Test side and constantly had a word with Tendulkar. In his autobiography, Playing It My Way, Tendulkar wrote, “A lot of things were said to me and they were the first of many over the years Steve Waugh was not included in the side, so I said to him that if he wanted to fight me, he needed to first get into the Australian team.”

Eventually, Tendulkar and Waugh faced in each other in a Test match only in 1996 as the latter was left out for the entire 1991-92 rubber Down Under.