When Anil Kumble was sledged by Murali Kartik
Virat Kohli (left) and Anil Kumble during India’s preparatory camp in Bengaluru, ahead of West Indies tour © AFP

Both Anil Kumble and Murali Kartik are currently in the league of retired cricketers and both have played against each other in domestic cricket and together for Indian cricket team. When Kartik made his Test debut for India, Kumble was a part of the side. But almost from a year before his debut, there is an interesting incident involving both of them where Kartik sledged Kumble in a domestic cricket match. Also Read: Harbhajan Singh once asked Darren Lehmann, ‘if he was pregnant?’

Kartik revealed this interesting story on Vikram Sathaye s famous show What The Duck and said, We were playing Challengers in 1999 or 2000. Just before my Test debut, I was playing for Azhar s team. It was India Seniors versus India A during that time. Now the teams names have changed. I went to bat and we were in a bad position. I ran at him [Anil Kumble] on first ball. He laughed. Well, I don t spare anybody on ground. I never spared anyone. If anything comes then I will tell. So, one bat and pad fell at Anil bhai. Anil bhai being Anil bhai, he said something.

Actually Kumble laughed at Kartik and commented on him after the fall. In reply, Kartik, being Kartik, replied in a very aggressive way by adding, I said where was all this in Australia because we had just lost that Australia series. When you were in Australia your tail was between legs at that time.

Sathaye, the famous stand up comedian could not control his laughter and after a moment, he saluted Kartik for his bravery for his comment to Kumble by saying, So you actually said this to Anil Kumble as to why he did not behave the way he did with you against Michael Slater, Steve Waugh. Sir, I salute you. Learn bravery from him. Also Read: When Shoaib Akhtar bashed Yuvraj and Harbhajan inside a hotel room

This was just the part of sledging incident between the former spinners but later both met once again and that too when Kartik was selected for the India s Test side. Kartik spoke about that incident and added, It got over on ground and either coincidence or real, whatever you may consider, I got selected for India in next 10-15 days. First Test match was in Mumbai. I went to the reception of Taj. At that time it was before the Hansie-gate. Before we started getting single rooms. So you had to share a room. I went and signed and I saw who my room partner is Anil Kumble. I said I am finished. Inside I am like, what will happen now? I will get scolding.

Kartik was too scared at that time and it can be understood by the way he described the moment and kept adding further. Anil bhai is somebody, if you see people say that everyone s condition would become bad on ground while fielding his bowling. But he never mentions it outside the field. So he forgot. I was like, I thought I will get scolding. This is Indian team not Ranji Trophy team where you change roommates. I can t tell anybody in Indian team that I will get beaten by Anil bhai, So I moved in and everything was fine, he was absolutely chilled out. Also Read: The story behind mystery-spinner Narine getting his name Sunil

This did not end here, there is another interesting incident which happened in the same room which Kartik and Kumble were sharing in Taj. The new left-arm spinner was getting lots of calls which actually irritated Kumble. Lots of people started calling up. There were no mobile phones at that time. So they had to call Taj Mumbai. So they kept calling. Landline was near Anil bhai. Everytime, Kartik it s for you, Kartik it s for you. It s for you. He got irritated and said, I don t understand who is the star here. You or me?

Once again the room where Kartik was sharing this incident with Sathaye was filled with laughter and surely after reading this you too won t be able to control you laugh.