When Eknath Solkar got an ‘unbelievable offer’ to drop a catch!

Sunil Gavaskar ‘s love affair with the West Indies began as a 21-year-old when the toured the Caribbean to debut in international cricket. He scored a whopping 774 runs in four Tests . It isn’t only the cricket, but Gavaskar also appreciates the West Indian flavour. Often, we see him recounting different stories from his many trips to the region since 1971. T hat he is a good mimic add to the effect when he turns into a raconteur.


At the launch of Madhav Apte’s autobiography , As Luck Would Have It, Gavaskar narrated a hilarious incident, which took place during India’s tour to the Caribbean in 1971. During one of the games, an opposition batsmen top-edged the ball and it soared high. As Eknath Solkar, one of the best fielders in the Indian team, settled underneath the skier, one of the spectators shouted, “Solkaar! Solkaar! If you drop that, you can have my sista [sister] .”

Solkar however took the catch. As some of the fielders gathered to congratulate him, skipper Ajit Wadekar said, “Nice catch! Aikla ka kay boll a?” (Marathi for: Did you hear what was said ? ) “Yes,” Solkar replied, “But, I could not see his sister ! “