Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid is surely one of the greatest batsmen produced by India and the world has ever seen. His focus, temperament and dedication while batting at the crease was unparalleled. Be it turning or seaming track, Dravid never complained about the conditions and kept scoring runs throughout his career for India. Also Read: When a fan girl refused to leave Rahul Dravid’s house

Behind his sheer focus on batting, there is a very interesting story about Dravid’s nights before any match. During a candid talk with Vikram Sathaye for his show ‘What the Duck‘, Dravid got to know that once people in a hotel complained about weird sounds coming out of his room. “Are you aware of the fact that hotel guests used to complain, people who were specially living next to your room that weird noises would come out of Rahul Dravid’s room because there was actually a net practice happening there. The night before,” said Sathaye with a laugh.

In return, Dravid replied very modestly and said, “No, I mean, I wasn’t. I mean you carry a bat with me, I like to carry the bat in my room and just sometimes, pick up the bat and get a feel of what it felt like my hand and so when you are tapping the ground and sometimes you know, the people below you the floor, sometimes you get the odd calls and saying ‘can you stop that’.”

Continuing the story, the former Indian batsman added, “I mean, I know I gave impression of being and I was being intense.”

After this, Sathaye came up with another interesting story related to Dravid’s night practice by saying, “Vijeta (Rahul Dravid’s wife) said that early in your marriage she thought you were sleep walking.”

That continued with a moment of laugh and then Dravid answered, “No, I mean it happens so sometimes you can’t get sleep. So, you know swinging the bat or you just you know sort of practicing a drill something and I think that’s a lot of batsman will do that. They’ll sort of and you are taught that as a youngster. You used to drill your technique in front of a mirror, so you know practicing, sort of shadow practicing and it just becomes the habit and it’s almost a comfort feeling i think. It’s just a little bit of a comfort feeling when you feel nervous and pick up your bat and shadow practice and imagine you self smashing the bowlers all over the ground.”

Sathaye then revealed another interesting part of the story which is about people who complained about those weird noises and quipped, “Mane kaka (Ramesh Mane, Team India’s masseur for a long time) tells a story that somebody complained that lot of noise is coming out of Rahul Dravid’s room. So, they went back and said, sorry on your behalf and when they found out that it was Rahul Dravid’s room, they came and apologised because they didn’t want to go down in history as culprits who disturbed Rahul Dravid and caused India’s loss.”

Like Sathaye’s other episodes of this show, it went on with laughter. Moral of the story, do not think too much when you hear weird sounds from a cricketer’s room who is is next to your hotel room.