When Mahatma Gandhi’s son went to jail to watch Don Bradman bat!

India’s father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has been to jail several times in his life. Following his dad’s footsteps his son, Devdas too spent a night in a British Jail, but for some other reason.

To be precise, it was because of Don Bradman. The 1948 series was Bradman’s last and Devdas wanted to watch the greatest batsman bat live. He was the managing editor of Hindustan Times at that time, and he went to England for a meeting with Reuters. Apart from work his only desire was to watch Bradman live and Devdas had a complimentary pass for the third Test at Trent Bridge.

Well there were many like Devdas in the city. In fact, the whole of Nottingham city was full of crowd waiting to watch him bat. As a result of which all the hotels and lodges were booked. Devdas had to manage something in order to spend the night. Eventually, Devdas somehow managed to convince the warden of the Nottingham County Jail. The warden agreed and he was given a bed as well. He often referred the British jails as “His Majesty’s Hotel.”

Next morning June 11 of 1948 was a dream come true for him. But before that he had his breakfast with the convicts. Devdas went to Trent Bridge and joined thousands of spectators and it was worth as Bradman arrived after lunch and scored unbeaten 130 throughout the day.

It was not Devdas’ first time at jail and during the salt march in 1930 he was arrested.