Younis Khan: The unending tragedies of the Pakistani warrior

Very few cricketers have endured the kind of tragedies that the unfortunate Younis Khan has had to repeatedly suffer in his personal life.

During the tour to Australia in 2004-05, Younis lost his dad and had to return home. In 2005, he lost his younger brother in an accident at Ukraine. A year later, when Younis was playing for Pakistan in a One-Day International against the West Indies, his elder brother, Mohammad Sharif, died in Germany. In 2011, Younis was getting ready to face the West Indies in the Caribbean when he learnt that elder brother Shamshad passed away. Then, in 2014, just after he had made his comeback in an ODI against Sri Lanka, his nephew died.

Yet, one can think of very few in international cricket who has managed a smile at most times and carried on manfully the task he has on hand of representing Pakistan in international cricket.