Curtly Ambrose releases his book – ‘Time to talk’

West Indies legendary fast bowler, Sir Curtly Ambrose, was considered to be one of the best bowlers of his generation for his lethal pace and menacing bouncers. He never talked much as his deadly deliveries did most of the talking. Confronting Ambrose was a nightmare for any batsmen of his generation.


He arguably dominated his era and his passion for fast bowling was at another level. But looking at the current condition of fast bowlers, the former Caribbean legend looked worried and tried to rekindle the love for fast bowling by launching his book named ‘Time to Talk’. The book is all about the former fast bowler talking from his ball instead of his mouth as Ambrose himself is a man of few words.


Ambrose is currently the bowling coach of his national side and will try to replicate the same art of fast bowling that saw them dominating the world of cricket for over two decades in the current Caribbean side.