Denied the honour of handing over the ICC World Cup 2015 winners’ trophy, Mustafa Kamal resigns as ICC President

Bangladesh’s Mustafa Kamal has been in the news lately and for all the wrong reasons and continues to do so. His ego was hurt and he was left fuming when he was denied the honour of handing over the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 winners’ trophy.  As a result he resigned from the position of ICC President and launched a scathing attack on the world cricket body’s Chairman N Srinivasan, also calling him “rotten”. (Read: ICC President Mustafa Kamal calls ICC, ‘Indian Cricket Council’; CEO Dave Richardson condemns his comments)

He has also made it clear that his decision is final and non-revertible. Kamal added, “The main reason for my resignation is that I can’t work with those who can act unconstitutionally and unlawfully.”

On Srinivasan, he further stated, “These type of people should be away from cricket, these kind of people are polluting the game. Otherwise cricket will be spoilt. It is my earnest request to the ICC to revisit these things and people should research why I have resigned.”

It is reported by PTI that though Srinivasan didn’t say anything to him in public, he did express his displeasure to the ICC board members when Kamal blamed the umpires for Bangladesh’s loss to India in the tournament quarter-final. He was asked by ICC to withdraw his comments to which Kamal reacted, “I will not withdraw the statement because it was the sentiment of 160 million people. Then they told me, if you can’t submit an apology or withdraw the statement, you can’t present the trophy.” (Read: Mustafa, kamal kiya aapne!)

In a dramatic press conference addressed by him, Kamal said, “I was not allowed to hand over the trophy. I couldn’t sleep the night before because, I represent my country. My right was snatched away.”