Did Preity Zinta abuse Sanjay Bangar? She denies, lashes back at journalist and the Coach backs her

Every single edition, towards IPL’s conclusion, intentionally or not Preity Zinta makes it a point to find herself in some or the other controversy. The Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) co-owner finds herself in the middle of a controversy as publication; Mumbai Mirror has taken a hit at the actress for misbehaving and using inappropriate language on the field. READ MORE: IPL matches fixed? Hear what Preity Zinta has to say

KXIP suffered a shocking one-run defeat in the 39th game of the IPL against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). A game they could have won but lost by a run. As per the report in Mumbai Mirror, Preity barged into the KXIP dug out following the defeat and heavily criticised team’s coach Sanjay Bangar for not letting Axar Patel bat up the order. She was alleged to have used abusive language and misbehaved with the coach Sanjay Bangar  on the field in front of the staffs. READ MORE: IPL players, franchisees breached anti-corruption rules: Report

The news created a stir in the fraternity as Preity has been in the news on numerous occasions during the IPL and can certainly be termed as one of the darkest incidents as the owner was involved in a spat with the team members, according to the report. He further compared the implementation between European teams and how the management works.

A furious Preity rubbished the reports and took to her Facebook handle to convey the truth. She denied the claims and in her defence, she wrote, “A perfect example of How Journalists LIE BLATANTLY & should be sued for DEFAMATION ! For the record I do have manners & I did go to school so Mr. Vijay Tagore either apologize or bring forward ur so called Source as you are guilty of slander. I most definitely DID NOT be disrespectful to our coach nor abuse any one & definitely did not use the FOUR LETTER WORD. Your story reeks of SEXISM and is incorrect & exaggerated beyond words.”

Preity further explained saying she was upset but the story was fabricated and had not actual truth behind it. She wrote, “I will not deny that I was disappointed but how dare any journalist cook up a story with me as a Villain. Just because I do not Support “PAID MEDIA or MEDIA NET” does not mean I am a soft target. Sanjay & I BOTH have DENIED this story STILL it gets Printed. I am fed up of this nonsense & negativity.”

Coach Bangar, who has been at the centre of things, backed his boss on Facebook. He wrote, “After our one run defeat against RCB, there was the usual post match discussion on the match with Kings XI owners. Some reports in the media have blown the issue totally out of proportion by fabricating a non existent chain of events..loss by close margin hurts but team has been playing good cricket.

No reported abusive or disrespectful language was against me. Kings XI will continue to fight for its survival in the tournament.”

Preity has further challenged Tagore to prove the story right or be ready for the consequences. Both the members involved in the spat have clearly denied the incident and it is made up story. Whatever it is, Preity has again made it a point to be the news during IPL and again for not the right reason.