Dwayne Bravo fined for his “friendly push” Kieron Pollard; both cricketers tweet about the incident
Courtesy: Dwayne Bravo's Twitter

Dwayne Bravo vs Kieron Pollard always makes for an interesting contest. These two Trinidadians are great friends and fierce competitors on-field. In the past we have witnessed banters between these two men and on Saturday, we saw another one on Saturday.

The Gujarat Lions (GL) were locked in an intense battle with Mumbai Indians (MI). The moment of the match came when Bravo banged a short ball to Pollard and then walked up to him and pushed the batsman and the latter raised his bat as if he would hit the bowler. It did not look friendly but the two always love to have a friendly go at each other and ones who have watched them earlier know it well.


Bravo was fined 50 percent of his match fees for this incident and both the West Indian cricketers clarified the incident on Twitter, terming it as a joke.

Probably, the match referee could have reflected on the past and been more lenient towards Bravo. It was fun, after all.