Fans unable to buy tickets at empty Nagpur stadium

For the very first time, ICC World Twenty20 (T20) tournament is hosted on Indian soil. It’s a very proud moment for India but on the other side, fans continue to face problems over the tickets. Fans are asked to return back as there are no ticketing facilities available at the venue.

As reported by ESPNCricinfo, during the fifth qualifier match between Scotland and Zimbabwe at Jamtha, Nagpur there is no ticketing system and they are asked to go back to old Vidarbha Cricket Association (VCA) Stadium to buy tickets for this match. The current stadium where the match is being played with tickets for the match are priced at INR 100 and INR 200 for East and West stands was inaugurated back in 2008 and has a capacity of 45,000 spectators. As per one of the officials from VCA, it is not possible to have ticketing system at both grounds.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has denied commenting on the ticketing system and this is seriously bringing shame to the nation as India is hosting this eventful tournament. Cricket lovers across the nation are very upset with this move as more than 100 fans had to go back but thanks to the 250 school students, the match was not played at complete empty stands. The VCA spokesperson also added further by saying that advertisements for the ticketing policy had been placed in local papers but were unable to explain why the information had not been passed on to the BCCI or ICC, so they could warn fans who were travelling in from other grounds.

In India, not everyone is aware of online ticket booking system for cricket matches, especially when it is a qualifier match, not much of crowd is expected but still there should have a system which can reach the fans easily so that they can enjoy this game. “We love cricket, which is why we are here even in this heat to watch Scotland take on Zimbabwe. But we can’t book online because of the network and the ticket sales are going on at the other ground. There’s so few people in, why can’t they just let us in. We are even willing to pay at the gate,” said a group college students.

Even a group of Scottish fans encountered the similar kind of issue during Scotland’s first game against Afghanistan as they were mistakenly told that they could buy their tickets at their hotel. Not only fans, also the ICC officials are upset because of no use of common sense.