Greg Chappell remembers Phil Hughes

Greg Chappell, one of Australia’s greatest cricketers, paid his tribute to Phil Hughes. The above words by Chappell tells us how Hughes led his life and what we could learn from his legacy.

There is absolutely no doubt that Hughes left a deep impression on everyone’s minds wherever he went and whomever he came in touch with.

Chappell, who is now National Talent Manager at the Bupa National Cricket Centre, also said, “It is appropriate though, that we all pause and consider the life of a warm and humble young man who played the game with joy. It is also fitting that we grieve and spare a thought for his family and those who loved him, but we will honour him more if we take a leaf out of his book and play the game and live our lives the way that he lived his. As can be seen by the outpouring of love and affection for Phillip this week, he has left behind his fair share of positive vibrations; and a game that cares for those who play it with true joy in their heart.”

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