Guess which cricketers are Sarah Taylor’s favourites!

Virat Kohli is loved my many people across the globe, he does not only have enormous fan in the country but in other nation too. Many cricketing greats and even his rivals have praised him for his temperament and batting on the field. He is probably one of the greatest batsman in contemporary cricket.

On this occasion, England women’s cricketer Sarah Taylor revealed her favourite players on Twitter when asked about by fans and followers. When a fan quipped about favourite Indian player, Sarah gleefully tweeted saying Virat Kohli. She tweeted:

Kohli has certainly won many hearts with his unblemished strokeplay and intimidating style on the field. Sarah fulfills the role of a wicket keeper in the side and earlier when a fan asked her about her favourite one from the fraternity she replied saying, “Got to be @KumarSanga2 !!” Sri Lanka‘s Kumar Sangakkara has been a legend on the field and scripted numerous records with the gloves on. Sarah seems to have been highly impressed by Sangakkara as she tweeted:

England women’s team have been in tremendous form as they have won all their encounters in the group stage so far. They will now take on Pakistan Women and the clash will be enthralling.