ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: When ‘samosa’ made its debut at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground

The intake of fast food has increased tremendously in today’s time. In a country like India, with so many castes involved, everyone has their own choice of local fast food. Frankies, hamburgers, pizzas, dhokla, vada pav and many more have become so common, that they are found at every joint in India, even to the extent, people are finding it in international countries as well.


India and Bangladesh fans were up for a surprise at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Thursday when they found the famous fast-food ‘samosa’ at the venue during the high-voltage second quarter-final clash of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It was absolutely wonderful to witness the vendors strolling at the stands selling samosas and it did bring the fans memories of home, which is thousands of miles away.


As reported by MiD-Day, a salesman selling samosas, was quoted as saying, “After the huge gathering here for the India vs South Africa match recently, the idea was to cater to the Indian public specifically, so this is the first time that I’m going around selling samosas.”


The tabloid reported that the cost of the vegetarian, deep-fried, potato-filled snack was quite priced at AUD 5.60 (approx Rs 250) for two pieces. The price was in the same range that of chicken hot dogs and chicken burgers. The high price for this fast-food never looked a concern as it got sold like hot cakes, despite the non-availability of sweet-sour chutney.


In spite of the fact that it was the quarter-final match of India-Bangladesh, the turn-out at MCG was not very high being only 51,552. Definitely not high in comparison to the 86,876 attendance in the India-South Africa league game earlier here. However, those in attendance were lucky enough to taste the lip-smacking snack.