India-Australia hashtag trends ahead of ICC World T20 2016 tie at Mohali: Pick of the Tweets

March 27, 2016 is another big day in subcontinent after March 19, when India and Pakistan played against each other in the ICC World T20 2016. The last match of India against Bangladesh proved to be a high voltage and it ended in a very dramatic and exciting way. With that thrilling victory, team India are still in the hunt for semi-finals and need one more win to move up to the next stage of the tournament. The equation stands same for Australia, which makes the match a virtual quarter-final. Thrashing Australia 3-0 Down Under earlier this year, it is one format where India have dominated Australia.

Once again, they are meeting and this time, emotions are high in both nations and the clash brings back memories of their match in World T20 2007. The sentiments in social media are just an extension.

As once again these two giants clash, the social media world has been buzzing with excitement. Unlike, Ind-Pak and Ind-Ban match, there is rarely any abusing on social media; few have intense conversations while most of them engage in friendly banters. Prior to another epic encounter between these two teams, we present you some funny tweets and memes from social media.