Merv Hughes: Five interesting sledging incidents which craft the burly Australian’s character

Merv Hughes is a former cricketer from Australia, who is more famous for his sledging than his bowling.

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Merv Hughes is a former Australian cricketer, who is more famous for his sledging than his bowling. The big-hearted fast bowler from Australia was crowd’s favourite for his lively character and for his awesome sense of humour during his playing days. Throughout his career, he sledged many cricketers across the globe. Besides sledging, he is well known for his moustache and there was a rumour that he insured it for £200,000. But during the Ashes 2013, he revealed this rumour as false. On his 54th birthday, Abhishek Kumar takes out five famous sledging incidents involving him.

1.  Merv Hughes and Javed Miandad: During a Test match between Australia and Pakistan in 1990, Javed Miandad poked Hughes by saying, “Merv you are a big, fat bus conductor”. In return, just after a few balls, Hughes dismissed him and started shouting “Tickets please!” by running past him.

2.  Merv Hughes and Viv Richards: When Australia toured West Indies for a five-match Test series in 1991, the giant Hughes was speaking very less, which was a matter of surprise. In Jamaica, after every delivery there was a stare by him to Viv Richards, which angered the West Indian captain. Richards went up to him and said, “Don’t you be staring at me, man. This is my island, my culture. And in my culture we just bowl”. This was just what Hughes wanted and he replied with a ripper by saying, “In my culture we just say fu**-off”.

3.  Merv Hughes and Graham Gooch: This is one the most famous one by Hughes, when he was all over Graham Gooch in a Test and sledged him by saying, “Would you like me to bowl a piano and see if you can play that”.

4.  Merv Hughes and Robin Smith: In the second Test of Ashes 1989 at Lord’s, Hughes ran into the English batsman Robin Smith and told him, “You can’t f****** bat.” However, Smith was quick to reply, “Hey Merv. We make a fine pair. I can’t f****** bat and you can’t f****** bowl.”

5.  Merv Hughes and Graeme Hick: Once Hughes was bowling a few crackers that Hick couldn’t even get an edge to. After seeing it for a while, Hughes could not hold his nerve and needled Hick, “If you turn the bat over you’ll get the instructions mate”.

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