Vikram Sathaye Kumar Sangakkara Muttiah Muralitharan
Vikram Sathaye (left) takes a selfie with Kumar Sangakkara and Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan and Kumar Sangakkara revealed some little-known facts about each other during the third season of Viu s What The Duck, hosted by Vikram Sathaye: Murali, for example, informed that He [Sanga] collects things and he loves doing that. He will collect watches, whiskeys and all the drinks. But the only thing he doesn t like collecting is trophies. He throws them away or gives it to people. He doesn t have a single trophy. All of them have been given away to people.

Mahela Jayawardene had previously gone on record and said that Murali and Sanga are often involved in light-hearted banter in topics ranging from politics to current affairs to cricket. Sanga responded to the statement: I think Mahela is the one who is arguing constantly with everyone. This is a fact, he wants to be right all the time. Not very different from Murali as well though. It is said that Sanath Jayasuriya is the most connected man in Sri Lanka, I say it is Murali who knows anything and everything about Sri Lanka! So you can talk to him about cricket, business, real estate, anything in life, he will answer.

Murali quipped in as well: Or you pretend to know everything. You can t say No . No answer is the worst answer to give anybody. You know a few points here and there and then take it expanding it a little bit. Then whether one buys it or not its up to them!

The pair has often shared rooms on tours, and had some curious experiences. Sanga shared his experiences: He loves his TV. I love it too, but Murali will wake me up from my sleep. I used to play along at first. But then even though I m pretending to be sleeping, he will call out to me and make sure that I watch the cartoon along with him. So I get up and have to keep watching cartoons with him in the room.

Murali spoke on Sanga and Mahela s phenomenal 624-run partnership against South Africa: They know they can t get out and come into the dressing-room early. I will give the bamboo to them. All the batsmen were scared because I always want a big score. Hence they remain in the field.

Sanga added: The partnership was an accident. We barely spoke about batting and were mostly talking about other things like eating for the two days. That was actually the first time we spoke about retirement. Because when we saw South Africans on the field for two days, so we thought this can t happen to us. So for us best thing is to retire with Murali.