Pick of the tweets: Asia Cup 2016 Final, India vs Bangladesh at Mirpur

It is the final match of Asia Cup T20 2016 and both India and Bangladesh will meet each other for the first time in the final of the tournament. Last time they squared off in the league stage of this tournament at the same ground of Mirpur and India won. There was a time when Bangladesh were considered as minnows but now time has changed and now they are the better sides. Since India’s defeat in ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 against Bangladesh, be it any tournament, when these two teams have clashed, the contests have been followed with great interest. Live Streaming: Asia Cup Final 2016, India vs Bangladesh at Mirpur

The fever transcends to social media as well. Fans across the globe have started cheering for their team and even hours before the match began, it was one of the top trends in social media. This does not stops here; both the nation fans have also started pulling legs of each other and sharing the same on Twitter with funny memes and many more.

Once again, for one final time in the Asia Cup T20 2016, we present you with the pick of the tweets and memes: