Ravi Shastri is not interested in watching movies like Azhar

The biopic on India’s most controversial captain Mohammad Azharuddin — Azhar was among the most awaited movies of this year. The movie received an average reception and did not live up to the hype it created.

The film had the characters of Ravi Shastri, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kapil Dev, Manoj Prabhakar and others, who played a vital role during Azharuddin’s career. Among all these characters, Shastri’s role was probably the biggest. The reason Shastri’s character enjoyed a good chunk of screen space was because of the fact that he was the captain of India Under-25 in a tour game against England XI in 1984 and asked Azharuddin to play the match instead of going back home as his maternal grandfather had passed away. After that game, Azharuddin got the chance to make his international debut for India. ALSO READ:  ‘Azhar was the kingpin of fixing’, top cop Rakesh Maria once revealed

Shastri, known for his wild younger days, is depicted as a womanizer in the movie and on one occasion, he was shown cheating on his wife. A scene showed Shastri coming out of a hotel room pulling up his pant zip, while a girl follows him adjusting her saree.

Not only this, Shastri was also shown as a jealous player in the Indian side when Azharuddin was appointed as the captain of side. It was evident that Shastri was not going to be fond of this film. Recently, during the IPL, when he was asked about the film, he dismissed it by saying, “I do not have time to watch such movies.”

When Azharuddin became the Indian captain, Shastri could also have been given the job. Many say he could have been one of the best Indian captains but he ended up leading in one Test. Recently, in an interview with Indian Express, Shastri said, “People say that [could have been a great captain]. I knew I would have been one. Because you had won everything here yaar. If you look at domestically, I had captained teams that had Dileep (Vengsarkar), Sunny (Gavaskar), Sandeep (Patil), Anshu (Gaekwad), everyone in my team. And you win the West Zone man. I am talking of when you’re 24-25 years of age. If you could handle those sorts of guys, what is India man?” READ MORE: The flamboyant and extrovert Ravi Shastri speaks about his young days

The reason he believes that he did not get the job was, “It was an era where they wanted a Yes Man, who would bow to their terms. Don’t answer back and say Yes to every damn thing.”

We do not know if he implied this about this about Azharuddin but we know for sure that he is not happy with the biopic.