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65*, 239, 40, 6 and 141 are Steven Smith‘s scores in the ongoing Ashes series. Smith has been in unstoppable form that has fans, critics and contemporary cricketers’ device various tactics to stop the run-master from scoring.

India’s leading off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin, has come up with a unique way of stopping Smith score runs. He in a tweet advised teams to sit down with Smith and settle on a score that would keep the Australian captain content.

Smith in this Ashes series has a definitive pattern to his scoring. If England keep bowling outside off, Smith will keep leaving them. And he will keep doing so until the Englishmen are forced to bowl on stumps. The runs will come and they will come in hundreds. For England, Smith s innings will be like the longer and colder nights during winter.

Smith’s current average of 62.32 is next only to Sir Don Bradman (99.04).