Rohit Sharma: 10 memes that mocked at his failures

If there are two cricketers in world cricket who have been hounded and ridiculed relentlessly, it unquestionably has to be Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma. Jadeja was even mockingly conferred with the knighthood and even his Wikipedia profile had the prefix “Sir” against his name for a while! Jadeja’s increasing worth transformed his trenchant critics; they now elevated him into the realms of Chuck Norris and Rajnikant! 

Rohit, however, continues to suffer. The internet is awash with jokes that ridicule his inconsistency. Maybe, Thursday’s epic double hundred – his second in One-Day Internationals – will be the watershed moment of his career and give him a new-found stature, especially among the masses.

Check out how the supremely-talented Rohit has been hauled over the coals on the internet:



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